Welcome to our language school. At our locations in Zurich and Lucerne you have the possibility to learn German and many other languages like Italian, SpanishEnglish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

You can participate a language course from level A1 to C1 and obtain an internationally recognized telc certificate to proof your language skills. With a highly qualified teacher and your motivation you will be an expert of your preferred language in a short while.

In a small class of approx. 8 participants you will have the opportunity to make large improvements in your personal language skills. In rare cases the class has more than 10 participants with a limit of 15 students.

To evaluate your skills in the preferred language we offer you a free language proficiency test in German, English, Italian and French.

“Every new language is like an open window that shows a new view on the world and expands your attitude towards life”

Frank Harris, Author

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Why is learning the local language so important?

Learn efficiently at the ENAIP language school

Each language learned will enrich your life

Great language skills are the basis for social and professional success. Since German is the national language of most speakers in Switzerland, it’s essential to learn German if you want to live here.

The German language is the key to integration and will open up new opportunities for your life in Switzerland. However, you shouldn’t stop there! There are many more lanuages you can discover at our language school.

Where can you find our language school?

ENAIP Switzerland
Herostrasse 7
8048 Zurich

Your language school in the Zurich – You can reach your course in only 9 minutes using the S-Bahn S3, S5, S12, S14, S19 from Zurich Main Station!